What a Home Energy Audit During COVID-19 Looks Like

At Home Energy HERO, we’re taking the Coronavirus situation seriously (like many other businesses) and doing our part to prevent the spread. We don’t want anyone getting sick. As we start seeing an increase in cases again, we thought it was important to explain our process and what we’re doing to protect everyone.

Our Process During COVID-19

Daily Temperature Check

We take our temperature every day to ensure it’s normal. Since a fever is an early warning sign, it’s important to identify when there’s a small increase in body temperature.

Wearing Face Coverings

We wear masks at all times in the attic and interior of home. Masks help prevent the spread of respiratory droplets generated when people cough, sneeze, sing, talk, or breathe.

Frequent Hand-Washing and Sanitizer Use

We wash our hands with soap and water often. When we don’t have access to a sink, we use hand sanitizer and we always use it before we enter the next house.

Disinfecting Tools

Our services are generally low touch. We vacuum and wipe down contact surfaces when we’re finished.

Keeping Our Distance

We do our best to keep at least 6 feet away from clients at all times. This is referred to as “social distance” and it has also been proven to reduce the spread of germs. We also do not go inside your home unless necessary.

Staying Home

We absolutely do not work if we’re showing any symptoms of illness. We also don’t work if we’ve been exposed. (Fortunately, neither has happened yet.)

Our Promise for COVID -19 Safety 

As you’ll see in our contract:

  1. Contractor and crew will use sanitizer and always wear masks when in house 
  2. Contractor and crew will do best to keep 6 feet away from clients 
  3. The contractor and crew will not work if sick or have been exposed to COVID -19. Client to inform the contractor if sick or exposed to COVID-19 prior to the job. Temperatures are taken the day of work.


We are taking additional steps to ensure that we can safely work on your home. If you are sick or think you may have been infected, please tell us about it immediately. There’s no charge for rescheduling an appointment. If you are feeling ill, please call us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

To schedule your home energy audit, call us today.