It’s Time for a Home Performance Audit

Are you familiar with a home energy audit? It’s when a certified contractor helps diagnose your home’s biggest sources of energy waste. He or she then provides a plan of attack for improving your home’s energy performance and comfort. If you haven’t had one yet, there’s no better time to get one.

Reasons for a Home Performance Audit

There are many reasons why a home energy audit is beneficial. First, if your house is an inconsistent temperature in some rooms of the house, an energy auditor will identify why that’s the case and provide a solution. Your home should be comfortable throughout the house. It should be a place that you want to spend your time.

Most people are enticed by the promise of lower energy bills. That’s definitely a benefit of implementing the suggestions from the home energy audit – sometimes you can lower your energy costs by 20% or more!

Rebates Available

You know that you need an audit, but you aren’t sure if you can afford one? You’re in luck. There are rebate programs available that lower your cost.

Many Energy Saving Programs offered by utility companies lower the cost of the audit to $100 (a $400 value). Once the audit is completed, you may qualify for rebates anywhere around $2,500-$7,500.

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But you don’t have to do all the research yourself. Rich Dexter, owner and Chief Efficiency Officer of Home Energy HERO, is an expert at saving you money. Based on where you live and your needs, he’ll provide information on all available rebates and even handle the paperwork for you.

There’s No Better Time

We never know how long these rebates and special offers will be available. If you’re suffering in a cold home and are afraid to turn up the heat because of the energy costs, give us a call and schedule your energy audit today. We love solving energy problems and we’re excited to solve yours!